Three Minutes with: Bravo’s Sheer Genius Dr. Boogie

We get a lot of request on how to make Natural Hair Straight, the key to this is to first understand that Natural Hair for black women is not mean’t to be straight. Instead, it is tight and coiled . This is the essence of the hair, but what you want to achieve  is a non frizzy and a defined curl in the hair. And, in order to achieve  the definition in your hair you need to understand what are the best products for natural hair. Here is the answer, STAY AWAY from all products that contain sulfate. Shop Whole Foods Grocery store or any Natural Product Companies, these companies will always have products that are truly natural and contain no sulfate. Our favorite products to use on natural hair is Rahua Products. It’s pricey, but this is the high- end hair dresser’s best kept secret.

It’s important to understand that the best way to comb thru your hair is your hands, use conditioner and separate your hair in four parts. After you use the conditioner to separate the hair, rinse with cold water. Let the hair air dry or use a moist towel to cover the hair until dry. By doing these items, your hair will very defined and not frizzy just like Diana Ross.

But let’s say you really wanted to straighten your hair with the least damage possible. Dr Boogie, offered some great tips in his video on Glam in to Go!! Here are his notes:

As hair dries, it tends to curl up. This is a direct result of the water content and the chemical bonds existing  in the hair fiber. When blow drying the hair try to hold pull it straight and dry it at the same time. This will give your a straight hair look naturally. Check out more tips at his site,  Also, Check out this Video he did with us at here at NOTICE MAGAZINE. Watch Video here.


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