Three Minutes with; Liya Kebede

photo courtesy of Liya Kebede from

Not just another pretty face, Liya Kebede a model turned entrepreneur and much more, recently on talked about her recent projects and things she is coveting this holiday. Liya Kebede  in 2007 launched a home collection and children clothing collection called lemlem meaning “to bloom” Amharic. The line supports Ethiopia’s local weaving traditions. Her line was also at Jcrew in 2009. Now her collection has expanded into house wares in 2012.

Liya Kebede one of an handful of black models in the fashion industry talks also about her challenges as an black model today. Stating that there are times where a job is passed due to her ethnic background and that having a black president in office has helped because it gets people to have the conversation about race. And she is absolutely right, fashion has a long way to go in representating more ethnicinies in modeling, but the conversation is happening. Check out her line here

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