Three Minutes with; Beyonce’s Hair Stylist, KIM KIMBLE

Kim Kimble HairWhat do Beyonce, Mary J. Blige , Vanessa Williams, Jada Pinkett Smith, Venus and Serena Williams have in common? Well, Kim Kimble has styled them all. Kim Kimble, took time out her day  to share and show us here at Notice Magazine her secret tips on great hair. Check out her style videos here with Notice Magazine. Watch Videos.

Here are some style tips she shared with us at

Learn how to Maintain your Extensions, Watch here

How to do her signature Beyonce Look, Watch here.

How to do a Runway Hair Style, The FishTail Braid, Watch Here:

kim kimble, beyonce hairstylist

The most important thing Kim tells us is to use the right tools to maintain your hair. She states ” Whether you wear a wig, extensions or natural tresses, for good hair maintainace use quality hair products, a silk pillowcase and a silk bonnet at night to prevent hair from tangling. Silks not only give your hairstyle longevity, but lock in moisture and shine, while cottons dry out the hair, which makes your mane dull and unmanageable.

Thanks Kim Kimble and Team! We loved your feature on StyleWatch at Notice .

kim kimble hair style


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