Beauty Report; Lush Lashes are back this Spring!

Lashes are back for Spring 2013 and more luscious than ever. All we could think was Kim Kardashian and those lashes she is alway’s rocking. Designers Gucci, MoschinoJean Paul Gaultier and Chanel embraced the feminine and sexy effect  that great fake lashes can provide. Not to get too technical in what kind of the Lashes is the best, but think of it as three types individual, strip lashes and cluster lashes. To achieve the look of the soft and feminine lashes from the spring runway, go with a natural full lash. Our favorite is the Revlon Fantasy Flirt Lashes and it is self adhesive. So no messing around with glue. Very easy to put on and you can buy them at any drugstore near you. See here.  A secret tip that the beauty experts use for the runway is they apply two lashes to each eye to give it a full look.  Since this lash look is in all summer go ahead and opt for individual eyelash extensions. This cost anywhere from $100-$300 and will last you for 6-8 weeks. Remember to have fun with lashes. xoxo Notice Team!


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