Style Spy: Ultimate Chic Skirt, The Pencil Skirt!!

You could say we’re “addicted” to the latest roundup of cool crop tops and bottoms sets. If a mid-season wardrobe rut is clouding your creativity, you’ve come to the right place. The pencil skirt is the perfect answer to your issue. Shop the pencil skirts and crop tee shirt looks here.

Shop Pencil Skirts; here.    Shop Crop tees; here.

streetstyle pencil skirts celebrities notice magazine kim kardashian pencil skirt fashion

3 Responses to “Style Spy: Ultimate Chic Skirt, The Pencil Skirt!!”
  1. Reblogged this on Realifeprincess and commented:
    I’m all for pencil skirts, You can do so much with justa simple skirt, dress it up how ever you prefer from dressy to casual heels to flats sneakers to boots 🙂

  2. ddlookbook says:

    are printed pencil skirts all the rage as well this year?

    • pencil skirts are always a good basic! But recently popular celeb kim kardashian has been wearing the look of a pencil skirt and crop top everyone is wanting to recreate that look.

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