From the Runway to the Streets, The Scarf Choker !

Image this: you’re fully dressed, ready to leave the house when you realize your outfit’s missing a little something. Should you add a statement necklace? Nah, everyone is doing that. What you need is something in between — nice, but not over-the-top. What you need is a bandanna scarf. Shop choker scarf accessories trend here. bandanna scarf

2 Responses to “From the Runway to the Streets, The Scarf Choker !”
  1. DONNA D says:

    I set out today in search for some unique choker’s. I discovered your site after many hours of round about internet searching. Since my teen years, I’ve admired this style of accessory. Unfortunately I was nurtured by a family that wouldn’t accept any such attempt. As any adult, like styles do, the trend of wearing choker’s resurfaced. Without hesitation I bought as many as I could find. Fast forward – my two daughters grew up and took over any collection of fashion I possessed because once again many fashion trends had circled around. Okay, back to my inquiry. I still admire the choker fashion and would greatly appreciate information of how to purchase the knot-tied, open-ball gold plated/colored, tier style choker displayed The three other choker’s on your site display the price associated, but unfortunately not this one. Last, but not least I am thrilled to have discovered your site. I saw a post that it is a black owned business and this information made my spirit shout YOO-HOO! I shop anywhere that interest me and appreciates my business, but I’m always intrigued to discover success in my color. I will definitely spread my discovery to my daughters, sisters, many niece, friends, and everyone else.

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