Three Minutes with SHOP NOTICE. :

We are all about having fun all the fucking time. Why the hell not? And if you know anything about us, you know that if you are following us you are bold, not afraid to express yourself, and do you all day, everyday. And for those who don’t like it, well you know what to do … Continue reading

You May Have Heard of Her…..

Meet Shop Notice favorite model, recognizable  muse for campaigns, Naressa Valdez! As she guides us into the season ahead in her favorite transitional summer to pre-fall pieces and what’s she is currently vibing. What is your zodiac Sign: Gemini I’m originally from…  Sacramento , CA The piece in my closet that gets the most play… … Continue reading

Three Minutes with; Paul Carrick Brunson

Most of time, we are obsessing over what you should wear now . But it is no secret, that the most important investment is using your money to self improve yourself. So when we came across this article on Paul C. Brunson website, all we could think is our girls should take NOTICE. While there … Continue reading

Three Minutes with; Cora Emmanuel on Best Beauty Products

We believe when it comes to beauty products, no one knows more than the actual models themselves. Constantly they are primped and styled for numerous fashion shows, advertisement, and runways. So when we came across Cora recommendation on best beauty products to have, we took note. Here are our picks from Cora Emmanuel on what’s in your … Continue reading

Three Minutes with; Beyonce’s Hair Stylist, KIM KIMBLE

What do Beyonce, Mary J. Blige , Vanessa Williams, Jada Pinkett Smith, Venus and Serena Williams have in common? Well, Kim Kimble has styled them all. Kim Kimble, took time out her day  to share and show us here at Notice Magazine her secret tips on great hair. Check out her style videos here with … Continue reading

Three Minutes with; Liya Kebede

Not just another pretty face, Liya Kebede a model turned entrepreneur and much more, recently on talked about her recent projects and things she is coveting this holiday. Liya Kebede  in 2007 launched a home collection and children clothing collection called lemlem meaning “to bloom” Amharic. The line supports Ethiopia’s local weaving traditions. Her line was … Continue reading

Three Minutes with: Bravo’s Sheer Genius Dr. Boogie

We get a lot of request on how to make Natural Hair Straight, the key to this is to first understand that Natural Hair for black women is not mean’t to be straight. Instead, it is tight and coiled . This is the essence of the hair, but what you want to achieve  is a … Continue reading

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Three Minutes With: Michelle Obama

We had to share the letter that Michelle Obama wrote to readers of Elle Magazine. Beautifully and Sincerely written. Here is Michelle Obama words on life, love and the future of America. FROM ELLE.COM: When I fell in love with Barack more than 20 years ago, I knew he’d be a loving husband and a devoted father. … Continue reading