The Summer Trend you should try now…Shop Notice Summer Lookbook!

Perfect for every summer activity under the sun, from brunch with friends to a hot date night, and is flattering in all the right places. What more could you ask for in a warm-weather outfit. Shop Ete Toujour Summer lookbook with Model Cheyeene Depree. Click thru here to shop the collection; Advertisements

From the Runway to the Streets, The Scarf Choker !

Image this: you’re fully dressed, ready to leave the house when you realize your outfit’s missing a little something. Should you add a statement necklace? Nah, everyone is doing that. What you need is something in between — nice, but not over-the-top. What you need is a bandanna scarf. Shop choker scarf accessories trend here. 

Behind the Scenes: Melrose Pop up Shop Event.

Last weekend, we had a fun filled event with treats, flower fall and of course dancing by USC Song Girls, Urban X Movement and Rhythm impact. Scroll thru to view more. If you missed this event, don’t sweat next stop malibu. Follow the instagram @shopnotice for more deets.

Three Minutes with SHOP NOTICE. :

We are all about having fun all the fucking time. Why the hell not? And if you know anything about us, you know that if you are following us you are bold, not afraid to express yourself, and do you all day, everyday. And for those who don’t like it, well you know what to do … Continue reading

New Year, New Sh*t!

Life is too short, to just be average. So we here at Notice Magazine decieded to make it count this year. This year insteading focusing on vague goals, we will try something a bit more ambitous, like living life with fear. FEARLESS, is the word of 2016. Check in with us at Shop Notice each … Continue reading


Every so often, a classic trend that is timeless catches your eye. This 2015, the classic double buckle belt was back with a twist that seems to be able to capture simplicity at its best.  This belt as seen on Selena Gomez and Kendall Jenner has the ability to dress up  while still maintaining that “just threw … Continue reading

Stand Out this Season, Holiday 2015 Collection is live

When you get dressed, your main goal isn’t to slip into the most boring ensemble, right? Sure, there are some days when you just want to kind of hide out in the most comfortable of clothes, but when you want to stand out at work or with your friends, something inspiring and statement-making is crucial. … Continue reading

From the Runway to the Streets: Leather Wrap Choker Necklaces

Forget those sparkly, over-the-top, chandelier necklaces. These leather wrap necklaces are the simple (but stunning) pieces to try now. Shop this trend under $60, here.

Reconsider the Bodysuit…

Ah, the bodysuit. Has there ever been a garment as sleek, as easy, simple, yet chic. When Givenchy spring 2015 collection hit with sexy lace up version of the bodysuit, the fever for this one piece was ignited again. There’s no one piece that will take you farther (and in more comfort!) than a bodysuit, … Continue reading

You May Have Heard of Her…..

Meet Shop Notice favorite model, recognizable  muse for campaigns, Naressa Valdez! As she guides us into the season ahead in her favorite transitional summer to pre-fall pieces and what’s she is currently vibing. What is your zodiac Sign: Gemini I’m originally from…  Sacramento , CA The piece in my closet that gets the most play… … Continue reading