Must Have: Summer White Plunging Neckline

If you’re searching for a summery cut that feels appropriate for a day date, and can be used for a special occasion. The plunging neckline in hot summer white tends to be the winner. The plunging neckline in  a neutral color palette (aka goes with everything in your closet), and carries a level of sophistication that your … Continue reading

Style Spy: From the streets to the runway, The Romper!

Though we feasted our eyes on the romper long before the start of spring . There’s been a fast popular trend on the street with fresh iterations that feel ideal for spring. Whether worn with a strappy sandals or a sexy updo, the romper makes a statement. Click thru at Shop Notice to shop styles under $200, here. 

The Festival Girl, 2015

Everyone has a boho babe inside them. This trend is not just reserved for coachella and spring festivals. Mixing lace and prints into your look is a major style skill.  Knowing when (and how) to rotate a textured piece into your look and what key pieces are needed to pull this fierce inner boho babe together. Click thru the photo to … Continue reading

Hair Edit 2015: The High Bun

A Simple Hairstyle for Every Occasion, the high bun has made a comeback this spring 2015. Loosely gathered at the top or rock it  messy, the high bun is effortless chic.  Thanks to the bun’s evolution into an inspiring, classic, modern style. Try a little help with a ponytail addition we’ve found at shop notice. … Continue reading

Brands We Love; Sub Urban Riot “Kale Sweatshirt”

This trend started from the streets to the top as seen on fav bloggers and celebs.  This most sought after graphic top as seen in Beyonce’s 7/11 video , the Kale Sweatshirt. So what is Kale?? Well,  if you ever wanted to rock one of  those famous Yale sweatshirt, but never attended this prestigious college. … Continue reading

Mircotrend Alert: The Simple, but Classic High Slit Maxi Dress!

Every so often, a classic trend that is timeless, something catches your eye. This 2015, the classic maxi dress with a sexy high slit  seems to be able to capture simplicity at its best.  This sexy dress has the ability to dress up  while still maintaining that “just threw this on” look. If you missed … Continue reading

Accessories Report: Spring 2015, The Timeless Choker!

Among all the cool trends we’ve noticed as of late, the stylish choker is one that really has people talking (pun intended). These chokers, which come in all shapes, sizes, and let’s not forget, styles, make a bold statement that’s at once chic and sexy. From Balmain’s bold chokers to Marios Schwab gold thin wire choker, these accessories are the … Continue reading

Style Spy: The Golden Grecian Goddess Coin HairPiece!

If there was a single Jay Z song to exemplify the fashion world, it would be “On To the Next One.” While the few years, we have been obsessed with floral crowns. One trend has emerged from this old hairpiece, the gold coin headband. Seen on celeb Rihanna from Dolce and Gabbana runway 14. This … Continue reading

Beauty Report: The Golden Nail….

There’s no denying the ‘70s are making a comeback, so big hair and bold eyes are currently must-haves this fall 2014.  Add to this a bold manicure. Switch up your polish to this season bold golden nails. Seen on this fall 2104 on fall runway Mara Hoffman, Naeem Khan, and Suno. So why not stray … Continue reading

VIP INVITE: Black Friday Sale…

As the shopping frenzy starts towards black friday, wondering where all the deals are!!! Of course all the big giant retailers are rolling out the usual for black friday. But, check out shop notice magazine for great items all under $100. Exclusive EARLY VIP Sale just for you… Up to 70% off!!!! Why wait one more … Continue reading